Housing Service Agency
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1186 MJ, Amstelveen

Tel: 020-7671920
Mail: info@housingserviceagency.com

Conditions of Registration

Conditions for registration of Housing Service Agency.

Housing Service Agency is a rental specialist who mediates in immovable property between tenants and landlords and is located in Amstelveen. Registered at the Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam, under number 64525546.


1. Comment statements:

Housing Service Agency: Housing Service Agency is located in Amstelveen.

The website of Housing Service Agency is: www.housingserviceagency.com

The e-mail address of Housing Service Agency is: info@housingserviceagency.com

Attached Member: the (legal) person who has registered at Housing Service Agency individually and/or takes Housing Service Agency in the arm in the search for a suitable rental House.

2. Registration

2.1. The registration gives an attached Member right of access to the current rent offer of Housing Service Agency.

2.2. The registration by internet and/or email of Housing Service Agency is valid for an unlimited period. The registration will only be activated if Housing Service Agency has received all the requested data fully and truthfully with the acceptance of the general terms and conditions and registration conditions. The registration/Placement search request itself is free.

2.3. Housing Service Agency has the right to terminate the subscription with immediate effect, if the attached Member does not fully fulfil his data to Housing Service Agency.

2.4. Upon registration the attached Member connected to the email service of Housing Service Agency.

The attached Member receives from Housing Service Agency on information with regard to rent a living space- or business space.

2.5. Housing Service Agency reserves the right to change the terms of the tendering procedure and rates and/or modify it. If the rates are increased, these increased rates only apply to new tenderers.

2.6. At the request of attached Member be sent the written conditions of registration of Housing Service Agency. These conditions for registration one can also download the website under: General terms and condition, conditions of registration of www.housingserviceagency.com

2.7. Signing up with Housing Service Agency is not an guarantee to finding a (suitable) living space.

3. Mediation contract / search request

3.1. The submitter of a search request at Housing Service Agency gives an instruction to search and mediating for a living space that is largely or entirely satisfy the specified selection and/or preferences. The selected information is only General in nature and does not contain any specific advice on the ongoing search.

3.2. In the interest of the applicant for a particular property, he/she must this preferably / preferences by phone, by mail and possibly at the Office to make known to a member of Housing Service Agency.

Luxor Live handles the appointments for free viewings of the selected by you or by Housing Service Agency. At viewings is the attached Member accompanied by an employee of Housing Service Agency, which allows for the tour.

3.3. After a suitable accommodation is found, is the attached Member a one-time fee for the rent owed mediation. This fee is equal to the monthly rental price (including delivery and deposit services and energy) like this at the start of the tenancy stated in the lease. The fees referred to in this article are plus VAT (currently 21%) and need to be met before the keys of the leased property are transferred.

4. Term, termination and de-registration

4.1. Registration is valid indefinitely and does not ends automatically.

4.2. The attached Member should itself to unsubscribe through email or phone.

When the attached Member not wishes (e-) mailings and/or other expressions to receive form Housing Service Agency, then attached Member can communicate to Housing Service Agency by this on info@housingserviceagency.com

5. Additional terms

5.1. The conditions for registration of Housing Service Agency are also available in the English language.

At discrepancies between the Dutch text and the translation as well as any litigation between the parties, the Dutch text will be leading.

6. Applicable law /competent court

6.1. Registration at all within the framework of the resulting relationships between Housing Service Agency and attached Members are the general terms and conditions and the Dutch law is applicable.

6.2. All disputes which could arise from the relationships described in clause 6.1, shall be settled by a competent court.

Version: November 2015