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General Terms and Condition of Housing Service Agency

Housing Service Agency is a rental specialist who mediates in immovable property between tenants and landlords and is located in Amstelveen.

Registered at the Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam, under number 64525546.

For access to and use of the website www.housingserviceagency.com or www.housingserviceagency.nl and the services offered are subject to the following terms and all applicable legal rules

Article 1 Definitions

In these terms and conditions, the following definitions are used, both in singular and in plural:

  • 1.1Housing Service Agency: Housing Service Agency is located in Amstelveen.
  • 1.2Client or User: the natural (individually) or legal person who has concluded an agreement with Housing Service Agency to rent a housing, Office space and/or business space. the natural or legal person who Commands to Housing Service Agency for finding accommodation and assistance with the realization of an agreement.

Article 2 Establishment Agreement

2.1 The mediation agreement is established by completing a registration form by the client and / or by visiting one or more housing or business space that Housing Service Agency has in its portfolio.

2.2 Before a lease is created, the customer is obligated to Housing Service Agency to submit a valid identity papers and proof of income.

2.3 All the offers of Housing Service Agency made to housing or business space, both written and oral, are non-binding. Client cannot derive any rights to it.

2.4 If the client is eligible for housing for which a

housing permit is required, then obtaining this permit expense and risk of principal itself.

Article 3 Cost of registration

3.1Client is no registration fee due to Housing Service Agency.

3.2 All expenditure by Housing Service Agency made regarding the performance of the assignment, shall be borne by Housing Service Agency.

Article 4 Activities

4.1 The commencement of the work done by Housing Service Agency is after receipt of the assignment by the client (by email, telephone or oral).

4.2 The work activities that by Housing Service Agency will be performed contains the visiting’s and the advising in the areas of tenancies.

The rent is determined by the landlord, Housing Service Agency here is not responsible for it.

Article 5 Mediation costs, costs for Cancellation and Payment

5.1 If the mediation by Housing Service Agency for the client has been results a rental lease, the client is to Housing Service Agency due or the latest one day after acceptation of the house the mediation costs, which within 24 hours after acceptance to Housing Service Agency must be satisfied;

If the agency costs by the client to Housing Service Agency paid may be assumed that a lease has been reached.

  • 1)For independent living, if you have access to your own kitchen, shower and toilet, 1 month gross rent (excl. 21% VAT). Gross rent is rent price who includes service and / or gas, water and electricity.
  • 2)For shared accommodation, if you share the kitchen, shower and toilet with other residents of the building, 1 month gross rent (excl. 21% VAT). Gross rent is rent price who includes service and / or gas, water and electricity.
  • 3)For a room is: 1 month gross rent (excl. 21% VAT). Gross rent is rent price who includes service and / or gas, water and electricity.

5.2 If the monthly rent service and / or gas, water and electricity charges are included, the agency fee on this will be passed.

5.3 If the client who has a commitment to a specific accommodation house or business to rent and between renting and after signing the contract / acceptation waives, is the candidate to Housing Service Agency in or by one day or 24 hours after the cancellation obligated to pay the housing costs that is equal to 1 months gross rent (excl. 21% VAT) to Housing Service Agency.

5.4 Any court costs and outside legal costs in default of payment are borne by the customer.

5.5 The living space can only be involved if the mediation costs to Housing Service Agency has been paid.

Article 6 Liability

6.1 Housing Service Agency is not responsible for the way a landlord, after signing the contract, will fulfilling his obligations as a landlord.

Client should always refer directly to landlord.

6.2 If Housing Service Agency for landlord prepares a lease is Housing Service Agency in no way responsible for their content.

These conditions are registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under

number 64525546

25 November 2015